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The Platform

We envision AFonio to be a platform where stories of farmers and their consumers can be shared as well as other initiatives surrounding food security in Chad and beyond.

With this, we hope to enable people improve their quality of life as well as inspire more beautiful and responsible projects around the globe.

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Helping Those Who Need It Most

With the help of Fonio we envision the lives of many refugees found on the borders of Chad and Sudan more prosperous. These refugees are desperate to feed their families and have work. When our pilot succeeds, we hope to help these fragile communities in the Future.

Regenerating Soil Carbon

Through regenerative agricultural methods we hope that one day farmers in Chad have the ability to earn money from actively capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it as organic matter in the soil. This would mean that a positive symbiosis between carbon emitters and those who store carbon can be established in a global market.  By funding farmers, carbon emitters can offset their carbon emissions. Fonio as a very fast growing crop, possibly has a great potential in carbon capturing . Therefore, we believe that farmers growing Fonio should take advantage of that for their own benefit . 

Earn money with Carbon Sequestration now!

Are you looking for an adventurous way to earn money or do you want to help those in need? Become a trainer and help farmers growing fonio measure their carbon capturing. Get your own soil scanner and start scanning!

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What is a soil scanner?

The soil scanner is the first real time, on-the-spot, portable device that enables farmers to analyse their soil. In that way, they can optimize their earnings by determining which and how much fertilizer is needed for their crops.  Stick the scanner into the ground and your phone will show you the quality of the soil. That simple!

What is the Carbon Mission ?

Our mission aims to reward actions contributing to a negative carbon impact in the atmosphere. Using the innovative Soil Scanner it is possible  to measure the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the soil. In exchange,  the field owners will be rewarded depending on the amount of captured carbon measured in the soil. 

However, not all farmers can afford to buy a soil scanner or have access to internet in order to learn how to use it. That’s where you can be the one to make the change. Register to our mission to become a trainer. During this program you will learn how to use a soil scanner and how to control the results on the mobile app. Then you will be ready for a mission to teach farmers how to analyse their soil and increase their income by using the Soil scanner.